Stor-Pak Plastic Bin Range Size 80 in 6 colours,
  • Stor-Pak Plastic Bin Range Size 80 in 6 colours,

Stor-Pak Storage Bin 80

Available in standard Fischer colour options

Dimensions: 440mm Deep, 165mm High and 200mm Wide

Fischer Plastics 100% Australian Made

Color: Red
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Height: 165mm

Width: 200mm

Depth: 440mm

The ultimate in practical storage systems.

Available in Six colours (blue, green, yellow, red, clear, orange or a mix of either).

Colour coding enables more efficient warehousing and stock handling.

Produced in tough and durable polypropylene.

Angled front provides easy picking access

The Stor-Pak bin range units are stackable, they also have a special Louvre panel grip at the back of each Stor-Pak bin to ensure the bin sits strongly and securely onto the panel.

A wide range of wall kits are available within our online store


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